investment cars - appreciating future classic cars

Investment Cars – Appreciating future classic cars


We’ve seen it happen to hundreds of cars.  Something worth less than a thousand pounds back in the 60s or 70s is now worth the best part of a million pounds, or even more.  It’s simple really.  As the years pass, people start realizing what’s valuable and what’s just plain rubbish.  When you factor in that not a lot of examples survive, you can suddenly see why prices can skyrocket within a single year.  But just what should you be on the lookout for?  Well, we have 5 appreciating future classic cars that you can pick up now for a lot cheaper than what they’ll be worth 4-5 years from now.


VW Golf R32

That’s right, the humble Golf, VW’s best-selling model.  But not just any old Golf.  The R32 carries a 3.2-liter V6 engine and is the ultimate iteration of what a Golf can be.  Though they’re not that popular at the moment because they’re thirsty and the interior is pretty rubbish, they might be worth a lot in the future, carrying the highest capacity engine in golf to date.  Although you can pick up high mileage examples for £5,000 onwards, good investment cars start around the £8,000 mark.


Investment Cars


Ford Focus RS MKI

The original Focus RS is a great car even by today’s standards, fetching prices north of 10,000 pounds.  With fewer and fewer examples emerging for sale each year, prices will surely continue climbing?  To where?  Well, the sky is the limit really for the original Focus RS and we can see this going the same way as the original Gold GTi, Peugoet 205 GTi etc – to hot hatch stardom!  So grab yourself one of these investment cars while you still can!


Investment cars



The E46 M3 is a wonderful thing, beloved by M enthusiasts the world over.  The CSL however, is the Holy Grail for M fanatics. Based on the standard M3, it boasts an upgraded six-cylinder engine, a more aggressive exterior and revised suspension.  Our list needed something in the higher price bracket too, so if you’ve got the cash to invest…. They’re already fetching up to £70,000, but we can’t see prices coming down any time soon for one of the purest M3’s ever made.


Investment cars


Subaru Impreza MKII

The MKII Impreza was never the most popular Scooby.  Both the car before it and the one after it enjoyed a lot more fame and success, but that just sets the MKII up for future success.  A car that we covered in our cheap fast cars segment, certain cars age better than others, especially forgotten ones.  We reckon that in 10 years or so, the MKII will be extremely desirable and expensive.  So if you fancy picking one up now – a good WRX STi of this era, will set you back around £10,000.


Investment cars


Mercedes C63 AMG

The current C63 AMG is a beast, no question about that.  Utilizing a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 with over 500 horsepower, it’s a rocket ship in a straight line and in the corners.  The original however, was that much better.  With a 6.3 naturally-aspirated V8, it may be slower than the new generation, but it’s a lot more fun.  The N/A V8 makes a noise unlike any other engine.  Popping and crackling at low revs, it roars and shouts at the top end.  A masterclass in engine manufacturing the monstrous engine will ensure this cars value continues to increase.  An entry ticket to 6.2L AMG ownership costs around £20,000 for a good example currently, but it could be well worth it as this develops into a future classic!


Investment cars

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